Lineup for April 30th

Lineup for April 30th

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The Mission Position is a popular independent comedy showcase, hosted by four of San Francisco’s most accomplished comedians – Matt Lieb, Kate Willett, Jessica Sele, Richard Toomer & Torio Van Grol. Every Thursday, audiences fill Lost Weekend Video’s famous CineCave comedy den, for a show that provides club-level talent without irritating drink minimums or filler comics. The Mission Position welcomes a new lineup of special guests every week that include the Bay Area’s brightest comics alongside nationally touring headliners from NBC, TBS, E! and Comedy Central.

“…the best comedy bargain in SF.” SF Gate

Named one of the “Top 10 Events in San Francisco” by Time Out World (November 2014)

“The next great San Francisco comedy tradition.” –Courting Comedy


John Ross

john ross

John Ross grew up in California’s capitol of Sacramento, where he began performing stand-up in 2004 in the basement of O’Malley’s Irish pub. Since being afflicted with the desire to perform stand up comedy, Ross has managed to carve out an original voice, that embraces the dark and isn’t afraid to hold issues to the light.

“The reason I like your act, is because you’ve gone through these horrible things, but you’re able to make us feel like you’re okay.” – Comedian Jake Johannsen – JakeThis Podcast – 

Ross was raised by a myriad of family members and friends, whom which unfortunately doubled as abusive alcoholics and sweaty, drooling junkies. In 1977, Ross was one of the first methadone addicted babies born  in California and spent a great deal of his elementary years as a ward of the California court system. This was due to fact, that his parents had a high propensity in not being able to hide their “shit” well enough.

“He takes the life he was given with an almost absurd cheer and mines it for comedic gems hidden amidst the wreckage…. The end result is unique, hilarious and oddly touching.” –

At the age of 14, just days after he lost his virginity to an 18-year old mother of a three-year old, on a Native American reservation in Esparto, CA, Ross gave his life to the brand of Jesus Christ that was especially charismatic. He remained a part of the Assemblies Of God (Super Pentecostal flavored) Church until the age of 28-years old, before settling on an uncomfortable Atheism/Agnosticism quandary/lifestyle which he continues to practice presently.

Throughout the aforementioned epic life-mess, Ross helped make three beautiful children in the process and lives to inspire them to keep the cycle of addiction, poverty and shady behavior, broken for at least a few generations. He also aims to live a life of simplicity, creativity and integrity for those little bastards also.

Kevin O’Shea

kevin o'shea

Established in 1984 following the mergers of Steven and Cathy O’Shea, Kevin O’Shea has been one of San Francisco’s leading manufactures of mirth, laughter, hilarity and all around good times! Kevin has been commonly described as clever, absurd, awkward but in a funny way and too smart for his own good.

He has been seen on the Independent Film Chanel and He was featured as one of the “30 Under 30: Comedians You Should Watch” by Splashlife and Funny or Die. He is a favorite of comedy festivals such as: The SF Sketch Fest, The Burrito and Comedy Festival, Out of Bounds, and the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. Go see him now as his 4th quarter productivity has never been higher

Samantha Gilweit

samantha gilweit

Samantha Gilweit is a single mother, writer, and comedian based in Oakland, CA. Her life is an open book – a book of cleverly constructed confessions and criticisms. Samantha’s comedy has been described as personal, clever and fearless, or as Larry “Bubbles” Brown said after seeing her perform, “She smoked that room like a crack pipe.” Samantha has performed at the Punch Line in San Francisco and other venues all over the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Samantha was invited to compete in the 39th San Francisco International Comedy Competition and performed in SF Sketchfest, 2015. She can be found on twitter at @samanthagilweit.