Lineup for October 23rd

Lineup for October 23rd

Molly Sanchez, Kelly Anneken, Jeff Anaya, Karinda Dobbins, Josef Anolin and Richard Toomer will be joining us this week. Tickets are $10 and can be reserved in advance by calling Lost Weekend Video at (415) 643-3373. The show will begin at 8pm.

Tickets can also be purchased online through Eventbrite.


Karinda Dobbins


Motor City native Karinda Dobbins was born into a politically active family of skilled storytellers and sharp wits. Her worldview was shaped by their accounts of protest, civil rights and empowerment, weighty subjects that were always leavened with humor. Whenever she heard the grownups laughing long past her bedtime, she took that as her cue to sneak out of her room and eavesdrop while they entertained themselves with Richard Pryor records. She not only listened, she learned, and grew up to hold her own as a keen comedic commentator.

Dobbins moved from Michigan to California’s Bay Area and responding to repeated dares from a girlfriend who challenged her to try making the crowd laugh at an open mic, Karinda finally took the stage at Woody’s Café, and killed. Sure, she tried to fill the seats with supportive family and friends, and true, she had no competition since nobody else had signed up for stage time, but everybody, from the show’s host to strangers in the audience, was amazed that she was able to do 10 funny minutes of stand-up material her first time onstage. (She’d shrewdly spent a month writing her act in preparation, never anticipating she’d be put under pressure to perform all of it at once.)

Spurred on by the enthusiastic feedback, Karinda decided to see where comedy would take her and began honing her craft at more venues. To date, she has appeared at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (MichFest); featured at Bay Area comedy clubs such as Tommy T’s, the Punch Line and Cobb’s; opened for W. Kamau Bell; and headlined at San Francisco’s legendary Purple Onion. Karinda made her primetime national television debut on Coast-to-Coast Episode 1 on NickMom Night Out.


Kelly Anneken


Kelly Anneken is what happens when Kim Kardashian looks like Bette Midler and tweets like Roseanne.

This Oakland-based funny person and all-around swell gal performs standup comedy at clubs and dive bars, including the SF Punchline, Cobb’s, Crackers, and Go Bananas. Kelly has appeared at Iowa’s Green Gravel Comedy Festival and Boston’s Women in Comedy Festival. She has shared a stage with Jim Gaffigan and Anthony Jeselnik at Austin’s Moontower Comedy Festival and has appeared “in conversation” with Tig Notaro, Amy Schumer, and John Waters.

Kelly is well-known as the co-host of the internationally popular Downton Abbey podcast “Up Yours, Downstairs” and official third chair of Game of Thrones recap “Boars, Gore & Swords.” She is also artistic director for feminist sketch troupe Femikaze.


Josef Anolin


Josef Anolin was born and raised in Oakland, CA thanks to his parents.
Josef likes to tell jokes that offer audiences fresh perspectives on “hot button” issues like race, class, gender that are simultaneously respectful and tongue in cheek offensive. Josef has been peddling his humor to audiences throughout the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Oregon, Nevada, Hawaii and may have been the first comedian to do a joke about NY Knicks Point Guard, Jeremy Lin (albeit back in 2010 when he was still a Golden State Warrior and irrelevant).


Molly Sanchez


A plucky brunette comic taking the foggy city by storm. No she will not make out with you, how could you even ask that. What kind of girl do you take her for. Her mom is looking at this for god’s sakes. Have some decency you neanderthal.






Jeff Anaya


Jeff Anaya doesn’t so much perform his comedy as live it. Standing at 6 foot, this garish twenty something comes onto the stage with a cherubic grin to deliver a perspective on a world where scraping by is the best option. Jeff has performed at every major venue in the bay area- honing his chops with stories of romantic awkwardness and endearing naivete. Jeff hates writing about himself- but loves talking about him and other things he finds weird on stage. Check him out and delve into a big, bright, beautiful world of silly stupidity.


Richard Toomer


Richard Toomer is a hilarious San Francisco-based comedian and writer. He is the host of Storking Comedy, an acclaimed comedy showcase that takes place every Thursday at Oakland’s Stork Club.