Lineup for July 10th

Lineup for July 10th

Scott Capurro, Dave Thomason, Jim Tews, Allison Mick and Torio Van Grol will be joining us this week. Tickets are $10 and can be reserved in advance by calling Lost Weekend Video at (415) 643-3373. The show will begin at 8pm.

Tickets can also be purchased online through Eventbrite.


Scott Capurro



Scott Capurro was reared in Daly City, California; at age 3, he swam the English Channel. Since 1993, he’s avoided AIDS by telling unsavory jokes in every English speaking country. Scott is trusting and thus surrounded by duplicity, yet he continues challenging himself, because he’s physically challenged and emotionally unstable.
Described by San Francisco Weekly (free press, edited by lesbians and designed by trannys with large hands and hidden agendas) as “stand-up in the very best possible sense – deadpan, ever-alert and hilarious”
Scott has appeared in Mrs. Doubtfire, where, effortlessly, he played a homosexual; and Star Wars: Phantom Menace, where, breathlessly, he wore a body stocking.
Scott knows David Cameron (wink, wink) and Nelson Mandela. Well, he’s met Nelson once. They’re both vegetarians. Actually, Scott is. Nelson said he was, to impress Scott. Cameron eats anything.


Dave Thomason



Dave Thomason is a comedian, writer, and sweetheart. He was recently named a Comic-to-Watch by Comedy Central. He has performed at several festivals across the country including the SF Sketchfest, New York Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival. You may have heard him telling jokes on Sirius XM, Pandora, or NPR’s “Snap Judgment”.



Jim Tews

Jim Tews


Jim Tews is a comic, writer and director out of New York City. He was one of 2011’s New Faces at Just For Laughs Montreal, has performed in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, and SF Sketch Fest. Jim created the HBO Labs’ web series “The Opener,” and recently directed a feature length documentary about Cleveland’s independent comedy scene called “Make Fun.” He is trying to get on TV before his high school guidance counselor dies, and has yet to completely accept his parents’ divorce.


Allison Mick


Allison Mick is hella funny. I’ve seen her at show after show crushing the audience into little itty bitty pieces. One time, I saw one person in the audience not laughing at her, and I was like “What the fuck is this dude’s problem?” But upon further inspection, it turns out his problem was that he had died from laughing so hard. After Allison got off stage, I went up to her and said “um, that was a really great set but I think you killed a dude!” And she said “WHAT?” And I was all “I know, right? Crazy!” And she was all “That’s so RAD!” and sauntered away. From that moment on, I was afraid of Allison Mick.


Torio Van Grol


Torio Van Grol was first discovered by a gentleman naturalist in 1676, causing an uproar among, the clergy, who claimed that he was placed on Earth by God as a test of faith.  After much careful study, Torio has been widely accepted as real, though some controversy still lingers.  Many people believe that early humans coexisted peacefully with him, even caring for him and riding on his back as a form of transportation.  But Torio is not strong enough to carry people, instead relying on speed, cunning and a bulletproof eBay rating for survival.  His primary habitat is the comedy clubs on the Bay Area in California, but he has been spotted as far south as San Diego, and as far north as Sonoma, grazing on the region’s naturally plentiful burritos.  Torio is highly prized for his jokes, which are rumored to have aphrodisiacal properties.  He is both fascinating and terrifying to children.

Torio runs a monthly comedy show in Sonoma, CA called Back Alley Comedy, featuring some of California’s best headliners.  In 2013, he finished runner-up in the Rooster T. Feather’s Comedy Competition, almost finally making his father proud of him.