Lineup for July 3rd

Lineup for July 3rd

Leslie Small, Barbara Holm, Joey Devine and Drew Platt will be joining us this week. Tickets are $10 and can be reserved in advance by calling Lost Weekend Video at (415) 643-3373. The show will begin at 8pm.

Tickets can also be purchased online through Eventbrite.


Leslie Small


Leslie Small was lucky enough to be born and raised in the beautiful SF Bay Area. Her formative years were spent squandering aforementioned luck indulging in illicit substances and believing if she watched The Craft enough times that she too could acquire otherworldly powers, but alas no. She always had a penchant for saying inappropriate things, but decided she was sick of offending people on accident and tried stand-up comedy. The result was magical, like a barren woman stumbling upon an abandoned dumpster baby, she had found her home. She had finally found a place to tell all her offensive dick jokes, as she learned early on that church is not the place. Amen!


Barbara Holm

Barbara-Holm1Barbara Holm has performed at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, the All Jane No Dick Festival, and the Women in Comedy Festival. She has written humor pieces for IGN, The Portland Mercury, and the Huffington Post. She has been awarded Time Out New York’s Joke of the Week and was named “one of the best things about comedy in 2012″ by the Comedy Bureau. Seattle City Arts Magazine called her a “comedy wizard” and Seattle Stranger Newspaper described her as an “adorable wunderkind” and she describes herself as “running away from this question to hide under the desk right now.”


Joey Devine

10267434086_2ba4c3a579_oJoey Devine is from the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the the head writer for’s “Broken News Daily,” and you may recognize him from a McDonald’s commercial that airs on IFC during Portlandia reruns sometimes. If you’ve ever been to the San Francisco Punchline, Cobb’s Comedy Club, or his weekly show “Move Along Nothing To See Here: A Free Comedy Show” at The Night Light in Oakland, you might have seen him do stand up before. He’s pretty good at it or whatever.


Drew Platt

Drew-PlattDrew Platt started doing standup in New Orleans, LA where he opened for comedians such as “Saturday Night Live” veteran Darrell Hammond, Kyle Kinane, Sean Patton and many more. Drew has performed at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Tx as well as SXSW. Shortly after moving to the San Francisco Bay Area he began performing at many different comedy venues around the city including the Punchline. He currently co-produces a monthly show in San Francisco called Happy Tears Comedy Showcase.