Lineup for May 1st

Lineup for May 1st

David Nguyen, Stroy Moyd, Jim Ginty and Leslie Small will be joining us this week. Tickets are $10 and can be reserved in advance by calling Lost Weekend Video at (415) 643-3373. The show will begin at 8pm.

Tickets can also be purchased online through Eventbrite.



David Nguyen

60742_10151073984915672_141726438_nDavid Nguyen is a stand-up comedian and writer. If you ask what made him want to be a comedian, he’ll reply, “arrogance”. Absurd or dark – David enjoys delving into every topic with a biting wit.


Stroy Moyd

stroyStroy Moyd is a 25 year old comedian from Oakland, CA. He recently featured for Hannibal Buress at the SF Punchline, is a 3 time winner of the Fresh Faces Comedy Competition at the LaughFactory in Hollywood, CA and can be seen at the SF SketchFest in 2013.

Stroy runs an independent comedy production company called #HellaFunny where he and fellow comedy comrades produce live comedy shows around the Bay Area. His style of comedy can be described as eccentric, assumption shattering mixed with a hint of story telling.

#HellaFunny is an independent comedy production company/ record label. #HellaFunny produces comedy shows at hostels, cafes, theaters and comedy clubs all around the Bay Area.


Jim Ginty

1962066_10201438570798242_6789591995593768205_oJim Ginty is originally from Philadelphia and performs mostly there, and NYC. He regularly features at the Helium Comedy Clubs And came in 2nd in this year’s “Philly’s Funniest Person Competition.”


Leslie Small

563082_598082000234641_392589750_nLeslie Small was lucky enough to be born and raised in the beautiful SF Bay Area.  Her formative years were spent squandering aforementioned luck indulging in illicit substances and believing if she watched The Craft enough times that she too could acquire otherworldly powers, but alas no.  She always had a penchant for saying inappropriate things, but decided she was sick of offending people on accident and tried stand-up comedy.  The result was magical, like a barren woman stumbling upon an abandoned dumpster baby, she had found her home.  She had finally found a place to tell all her offensive dick jokes, as she learned early on that church is not the place.  Amen!