Lineup for February 20th

Lineup for February 20th

Kaseem Bentley, Shanti Charan, Anna Seregina, Rajeev Dhar, Amber Tozer, Greg Edwards and Andy Sell will be joining us this week. Tickets are $10 and can be reserved in advance by calling Lost Weekend Video at (415) 643-3373. The show will begin at 8pm.

Tickets can also be purchased online through Eventbrite.



Kaseem Bentley

40371_453420948427_7790040_nNamed SF Weekly Best of Award Winner for “Racial Humor You Don’t Feel Guilty Laughing At” and one of the Bay Area’s “Top 5 Comedians to Watch” by the San Jose Mercury News and Kaseem Bentley is an African American insult comic from San Francisco. Growing up with his ‘hardcore class clown’ father and mom that was like a tough Claire Huxtable Kaseem developed his no-holds-barred comedic style that made friends and co-workers always laugh. After years of procrastinating he finally tried stand up in 2006 and has been steadily making a name for himself in the Bay Area. Known as the “The funniest comic at the worst show” he works at works at the SF Punchline, Cobb’s,countless bars, and b rooms and just recently performed at the San Francisco Comedy and Burrito Festival.


Shanti Charan

522493_10151544941645634_1964324759_nShanti Charan’s bubbly personality and contagious smile lure in audiences and her comedic abilities keeps them laughing. She is a fast-rising fresh face in the Bay Area comedy scene. Her ability to formulate quick connections makes it easy for her to communicate with diverse audiences. She won 1st place in the 2011 Rooster T Feather’s Comedy Competition and participated in the 2011 San Francisco International Comedy Competition where she advanced to the semi-finals. Charan was recently awarded SF Weekly’s 2012 Best Stand-Up on the Way Up. SF Weekly says Charan’s writing “is clever and confident beyond her years.”

Anna Seregina

1458482_10101096870918745_905612388_nAnna Seregina is a San Francisco-based stand-up comic and performer. She was born in Moscow, Russia, which could explain her deep-rooted cynicism. It could also explain nothing. After being involved in theater and improv for nearly a decade and being funny for nearly a lifetime, she decided to take the plunge into stand-up comedy. Her style can nearly be defined as vocal and un-lady-like, drawing heavily on what little life experience she has. She has been described as having the “worst aura.” She has recently performed in the 2012 SF Sketchfest, the Bruise Cruise Festival, and SXSW. Most facts about her are true. Most truths about her are facts. She is a sensational dancer.


Rajeev Dhar

1240497_10152275196548266_1892169714_nBorn in in New York City, before being moved to the cultural Siberia of Northern NJ, Rajeev exhibited an earnest desire to know about the people around him from his earliest days. As a child he’d wander off if you turned your back to him for a moment, because there were more curious things over there. An excellent daydreamer and fact-gather in his youth along with a growing irreverence towards authority as he grew informs his open-mindedness and sense of humor. His mother wanted him to be a doctor. He wanted to be a cartoonist. Neither getting what they wanted was the compromise they reached. He moved to San Francisco 11 years ago for the love of a woman and this beautiful city. The city and Rajeev are still together and very happy.


Amber Tozer

1465395_656424147713645_553160683_nAmber Tozer is a lady living in Los Angeles and a writer for MAD. After graduating college with a Business Degree and overcoming nightmares of being a college athlete, she moved from her hometown Pueblo, CO to NYC by herself. She tried to be a publicist, but it made her cry so to cure her sadness, she started hanging out at comedy shows. She’d watch the comics on stage and thought, “I can do this,” and she did. Since then, she’s performed all over the country and has participated in Montreal’s Just For Laughs, NY Underground Comedy Festival, and was recently one of the twenty comics picked to perform at the Great American Comedy Festival. She’s also been on Last Comic Standing and Nickelodeon‘s South of Nowhere. She moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and is now the co-creator of #nitTWITS, a web series inspired by funny tweets, and her fake advice column ASK AMBER can be found at


Greg Edwards


Greg Edwards is a very smiley comedian from the great state of Virginia. actor-turned comic. Greg moved to the bay area in 2001 and slowly became a fixture on the comedy scene with his one liners, awkward views and social commentary. Greg was a new face at the 2005 Jamie Foxx”s Laffapollozza and greg also received the prestigious Dan Crawford Award from the San Francisco Punchine in 2009 . Greg has opened for Dave Chappelle, Paul Mooney, Damon Wayans, Bill Burr, Maria bamford, jim jeffries, harland williams, bill bellamy, deon cole , w. kamau bell and many more established comedians. Greg is currently living in Los Angeles running 2 free comedy shows, “Street cred” in Downtown LA at the lexington on thursdays and the workout room in Ktown at d3 on Wednesdays, come out and laugh.


Andy Sell

1002413_10200946095910312_2033654247_nAndy Sell was born in Iowa, went to high school in Colorado, college in Santa Fe and currently resides in Los Angeles where he hosts the best open mic ever at Silverlake Lounge every Sunday and can be found every other night aggressively hugging comics outside of bars. He transitioned to comedy from the cutthroat and glamorous world of spoken word poetry. Andy likes beer, horror movies, early 00s screamo, and watching kittens torture insects in the way that death playfully stalks all of us. Andy recently performed three nights at the Hollywood Fringe Fest, one of which actually went pretty well. Anybody else really lose it during the Roseanne series finale?