Lineup for December 26th

Lineup for December 26th

Erik Krasner, Leslie Small, Jules Posner, Sean Keane and Butch Escobar will be joining us this week. Tickets are $10 and can be reserved in advance by calling Lost Weekend Video at (415) 643-3373. The show will begin at 8pm.

Tickets can also be purchased online through Eventbrite.



Erik Krasner

996804_190449601118236_188841940_nA former mathematician who discovered that stand-up comedy is much easier, Erik Krasner has the honor of having once been told “dude, you’re pretty sad” by a practicing psychiatrist. His dry, self-deprecating humor has been described as “charming but snarky,” “actually pretty funny,” and “awkward and weird.”

He writes sketch-comedy videos for Slobs Productions, co-produces the monthly Vice Principals of Comedy showcase at Lost Weekend Video, and can be seen at open mics and bar shows in places as far-flung and exotic as Livermore, California; Gilroy, California; and Tracy, California.


Leslie Small

1176351_668521176491710_551825393_nLeslie Small was lucky enough to be born and raised in the beautiful SF Bay Area.  Her formative years were spent squandering aforementioned luck indulging in illicit substances and believing if she watched The Craft enough times that she too could acquire otherworldly powers, but alas no.  She always had a penchant for saying inappropriate things, but decided she was sick of offending people on accident and tried stand-up comedy.  The result was magical, like a barren woman stumbling upon an abandoned dumpster baby, she had found her home.  She had finally found a place to tell all her offensive dick jokes, as she learned early on that church is not the place.  Amen!


Jules Posner

417677_489115651148958_2096314064_nJules Posner is a stand up comedian and San Francisco native. He has been described as a comedian who, “puts the ‘b’ in subtle”. Jules started performing at various open mics around the San Francisco Bay Area in January of 2009 and has quickly established himself in the comedy community. Recently, Jules was featured on’s No Drink Minimum. Additionally, he has been featured on’s Road Trip on Hulu. Although Jules is based in San Francisco, he performs all over the country Jules is a regular at the SF Punchline and has also performed in SF Sketchfest 2011-2012.


Sean Keane

1480579_10102708499946203_990876222_nWhen Sean Keane took the job as executive coach of the Forest Hill Eager Beavers children’s swim team, he knew he was facing the biggest challenge of his life. The swimming. The coaching. The fame.

Soon, a wave of Beaver Fever swept the world, and Sean was caught in the riptide. Within dozens of months, Sean went from a complete unknown to a man who was considered “not a child molester” by parents all across the Forest Hill / West Portal school district. But the limelight spoiled him; he needed more. So Sean went where the bright lights and the big bucks were: open-mic comedy.

Four years later, Sean is one of the most well-known babyfaces in the Bay Area comedy scene. He is co-founder of the hit show The Business, is a three-time Iron Comic champion, a three-time performer at SF Sketchfest, and won the 2008 Twisted Biscuit competition. He’s contributed to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, ESPN the Magazine, and the “Fantasia In Best Show Minor” DVD. Sean has also remained true to his roots, and contributes writing to NBA Off-Season, NFL Off-Season, and The World’s Game.

Sean’s act is a lot like if a boxing commentator was funny enough to make you squirt milk out of your nose. You could say he has a “Keane eye” for good material. If you were an asshole.


Butch Escobar

579836_10151449283589232_218441630_nButch Escobar born and raised in San Jose California has been honing his comedy skills over the past decade. He is one of the most prominent comics in the Bay Area producing and performing multiple in shows including his monthly Unfiltered Underground at the San Jose Improv.
Butch has toured all over the country with great performers including Tom Green, Doug Stanhope, Bobby Lee, and Last Comic Standing winner Felipe Esparza. He Frequents southern California and is a regular fixture at the Hollywood Improv and the world famous Comedy Store on sunset Boulevard. With comedy based on his everyday life his comedy is constantly evolving.