Lineup for July 11th

Lineup for July 11th

Alison Stevenson, Eloisa Bravo, Clare O’Kane, Vince Mancini and Kevin Munroe will be joining us this week. Tickets are $10 and can be reserved in advance by calling Lost Weekend Video at (415) 643-3373. The show will begin at 8pm.

A limited number of disounted tickets are available through Goldstar. Tickets can also be purchased online through Eventbrite.



Alison Stevenson

602797_10151177530261752_361451108_nAlison Stevenson is from the San Fernando Valley but started stand up comedy in the San Francisco bay area. She has performed at various venues across the country including the San Francisco Punchline, the Purple Onion, and the 2012 Too Much Funstival in Denver, CO.

Before stand up she was a member of the long-form improv. troupe, Birdstrike Theater as well as publicity coordinator, director, and actor for theater company, Studio 301 Productions.

She considers Woody Allen and John Waters her two gay dads (even though only one of them is gay).

Current writing credits include: Vice Magazine, Comics Bulletin, Forty Ounce Bachelors, Fembot, The California Aggie, Imperfect Enjoyment, Film Drunk, Heeb Magazine, and Network Awesome.


Eloisa Bravo

eloisa-1658-664427_364302643664684_1933435233_oEloisa Bravo is an enigmatic and highly personal comedienne. She started her comedy career soon after she discovered she couldn’t have children and a subsequent divorce. She holds nothing back and derives her material from real life, exploding with energy on stage. You’ll notice her immediately for her Venezuelan accent and highly expressive performance; yet it’s the nature and intensity of her material that will stick with you, with its unique perspective on the issues affecting urban, single women. She comes with a voice that is unique in the world of comedy, eliciting strong reactions in audiences that leave surprised, because they had no idea what to expect. Packed with energy and cuteness she will make you laugh, assuming you are lucky enough to understand her accent.

Eloisa has performed at the world-famous San Francisco Punchline, the Purple Onion, Rooster T. Feathers, as well as the Palm Beach, Miami, and Hollywood Improvs. She has won several comedy competitions in the San Francisco Bay area and has been asked to perform at many festivals and showcases. She also demonstrates her talent and energy by producing comedy and variety shows, including
Trainwreck Cabaret and The BitchSlap!


Clare O’Kane

72485_10101420988000485_719699458_nClare O’Kane is an actress and comedian who currently lives in Oakland, California. She is a part of Sylvan Productions, a group of weirdos who produce wonderful comedy shows all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Clare has performed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, as well as a few comedy festivals with fun, fake-sounding names like the Shits and Giggles Comedy Festival and the Too Much Funstival. You can also see her in the indie movie Bloodrape as a bass playing vampire from the nineteen nineties!


Vince Mancini

vince-me-Bennett-300x300Vince Mancini is a central Californian living in San Francisco, a writer, comedian, TV presenter, and the founding editor of  You can also find his work in IFC, Maxim, and the Portland Mercury . With a wealth of relevant work experience, Vince has been previously employed as a barista (that’s Italian for ‘Loser’), a Chinese food chef, a forklift driver, an adult film editor, and a handsome secret agent with a sweet yet masculine scent.  One time he went to UC San Diego, and currently, his business card describes him as a ‘Pop and Locksmith’.  (On a serious note, he has an MFA in creative writing from Columbia too, in case you want to hire him to write something.  The man has integrity, but he’s not allergic to cash money).  In 2010, he became a correspondent for IFC’s The Grid, contributing segments covering the world of independent film.

Vince has won many awards for his work, including first place at the 6th grade spelling bee and a lollipop from the barber for sitting still.


Kevin Munroe

970408_372705592846540_1624383648_nKevin Munroe is a Comedian and Actor based in San Francisco. He began performing standup comedy after surviving a graduate degree in Computer Science, because while standup has the same gender imbalance as engineering, at least there’s beer.

Kevin was 1st Runner Up in Rooster T. Feathers’ 2008 and 2009 Comedy Competitions, won the 2010 Walk The Plank Comedy Competition and San Jose Improv’s 2012 Beat The Heat Comedy Competition. He is a regular at all the major San Francisco Bay Area clubs, and has opened/featured for top talent including Tracy Morgan, Chris Franjola, Paul Mooney, Eddie Pepitone, John Witherspoon, and W.Kamau Bell.